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Hi all,

is there a way to do a match-properties on the VisualArq attributes of an object? Without using the styles?
Sometimes I like to set them manually per object, to have a proper lineweight and hatch on the drawing, without wanting to make a new style.



Hi @isolabella the Rhino “Match Properties” command works on VisualARQ objects with the existing Rhino object properties, but it doesn’t work with the “section attributes”. I take this request for the future development.


Any progress in implementing section attributes to rhino matchproperties command or ading VAmatch command to VA_plugin directly?

Hi @MatZed No news on this feature. We may implement it in VisualARQ 3.X version. I will keep this thread posted.

I was about to ask for the same - I’ll just add my voice to this request.

Something similar to “Match Properties” but for the Parameters and Section Attributes would be very handy. I know that we can sort of solve the matching of Parameters in GH, but it is a too long way around the problem.

If you do implement such a feature - please do add “Select all” “Select none” buttons in the menu :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hello @Czaja,

Do you mean “Select all VisualARQ objects”?

I’ll add your vote to the Match Attributes issue,

I mean something like this in the “Match Parameters” window

There can be many parameters, and if we only want to match one of them, then Select None + (selecting the one we want) is very helpful shortcut. I know it is not something important, but vanilla Rhino doesn’t have these buttons in “Match Properties” and I felt the lack of them many times.

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Ok, thank you! I will add this request as well

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adding my vote to this feature request.

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Adding my vote on this request !

Are there any news on the development of visual arq 3 ?

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