Setting VisualARQ Object Styles with scripting


I am writing a Rhino plugin in python, which gives a possibility to parametrically define and manually enhance the geometry of a building. At the end of the process I would like to export the geometry to .ifc file format. As the end user of the plugin will have no prior knowledge of Rhino it is important that the process is automatic.
My question is : is it possible with VisualARQ plugin to assign ifc export styles to rhino objects using python script?

@edytaau This is not possible right now, but we will consider this option for the future development. Meantime you can assign ifc Types to Rhino objects by Object, or by Layer, using the IFC Export Options Dialog.

@fsalla this is what I am doing right now - I wrote a macro that calls first ifc Export Options Dialog and after the input of the user, exports 3d to ifc. I hoped to skip the necessity for the user input as it’s an area for human mistake:)
By the way, perhaps it is not the right place to ask this question, but when do you think VisualARQ will be compatible with Rhino6? I wrote everything in R6, hoping that VA will be quickly available for this version.

We are currently working on that. We expect to release a compatible version very soon, but I can’t say exactly when. I’ll keep you posted.

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Good news. VisualARQ for Rhino 6 is already available: 4