Visualarq hatch print Rhino 5

Hi @enric and @fsalla
Thank you for sorting the hatches resizing issue. It really makes a world of difference.
When I print the common 45-degree hatch (set in visualarq), I get a thicker line every couple of lines in. As you will see in the image below.
This happens in raster and vector with a print DPI ranging from 600 - 1800.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Hi @seanSpace,

Can you send me the model to

This issue may happen when printing in raster mode, but it shouldn’t happen in vector mode. Are you printing a wireframe or hidden viewport?



HI Enrique

It happens with all my models. But vector is definitely better.

Although one often needs to use raster output with drawings.

I also tend to use the shaded view, I used to only use wire frame or hidden but it works well enough.

The problem with the lines happens in all 3 view modes.