VisualArq GH Slab from Curve Outline

@enric @alfmelbev
I am trying to make a Grasshopper based slab style that uses the curve/surface from the “FromCurves” or “FromSurfaces” option of the _vaSlab command.

The example on your website shows only parameter inputs: Slabs roofs - VisualARQ

I know I could make a curve input and assign a curve after creating the slab. I would like to avoid this, because it is very confusing behavior and users of the style need to read through extra documentation to understand how it is done.


Just found: Grasshopper styles input for slab - #2 by fsalla
Is this still the case?

Hi Silvan,

You found the right post. We need to add as input geometry a boundary curve (or surface) for slabs created from GH styles. That’s planned for VisualARQ 3.