VisualArq crash

As long as I’m enjoying VisualArq, it often happens that the program suddenly lose all information.
Beams, staircases, and others disappear. Even by undoing the previous actions, nothing happens. I usually need to open a backup file and start again.

I also have installed the plugin for land design and Vray.
Does anybody have a clue of what is happening?


Hi @clacortese, we had similar issues reported in the past (VisualARQ Objects Disappearing/Deleted!), and figured out that it was related to a conflict between VisualARQ and a former VRay version. This was fixed in the VisualARQ side since the 2.4 version and with the VRay 4.10.01 or later version it should not happen. Make sure you have both programs up to date. Let me know if problem persists.