VisualARQ Bug: Walls keep switching to wireframe display

Hi there,

I am getting a strange bug whereby walls and other VisualARQ elements are changing to a wireframe display regardless of display mode. The only way to fix this is to restart Rhino, which is frustrating as it happens fairly often.

I am not sure what exactly is triggering this behaviour, but changing texture mapping and occasionally editing walls seems to contribute. Weirdly when saving the file, the shaded surfaces briefly reappear before disappearing again once the save is complete. Below is an example of how it appears when the bug occurs…

Could anyone help me with this issue?

Hi @Ben_B,

If you save the file after reproducing the error, does the file keep the error after closing it? If so, please, could you send us the file with the error so that we can see what is wrong?

Hi Alfonso, thank you for your response.

The error seems to only be temporary while Rhino is open. When I save and close Rhino, then reopen the error is gone. I have never opened the file and found the error there upon opening (thankfully!). Something seems to be triggering this, and in the case of this file it is happening more frequently.

Could you let me know the details of where to send the file?

Hi @Ben_B,

Yes, you can post it here or send it to We will need to reproduce the error in order to fix it so I will try changing texture mapping… but if you find out some more information about when you get this error, please, let me know so that we can reproduce it properly.

Thank you - I will send by email.

A bit more information: The file is part of a worksession, and also contains linked 2D CAD blocks (DGN files). I am not sure if this is a factor related to the issue.

There is also another bug to do with texture mapping - the textures maps do not update in real time (when editing mapping widgets etc.) and often do not reflect the appearance when rendered. I.E. the viewport appearance does not match the rendered appearance of textures.

Hi @Ben_B,

I am changing texure mapping and editing the wall but nothing happens for now. Please, could you send me the file with the worksession, the linked files and the materials?