V2.10 Wall pattern problem

I updated the VisualARQ 2 today to version 2.10.
However, if I apply a solid to the wall pattern, it is not visible when printed. Regardless of the wall styles, other patterns display normally(image 1,2).
It is displayed normally in version 2.9(image 3). Is it a bug after update? I want to solve this problem.
I’m using it in Rhino 7, and it seems to be the same problem in Rhino 6.

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Hi @sjw, this is an error introduced in VisualARQ 2.10 that we will fix immediately. We will provide a new 2.10.1 update asap.

Hi @sjw,
We have fixed this issue in a new 2.10.1 version that we will publish one of these days.
You can already download it here: