VisualARQ and Construction Phases


(Lucavsnt) #1

Hi, I would like to know if or how we can setting and organize the Costruction Phases in VisualARQ (for example existing/destroied/new built with colours black/yellow/red). Maybe with Grasshopper, I don’t Know… I need a suggestion. Special thanks!


Hi @lucavsnt,
You can manage that using styles and custom parameters.
First you can create a custom parameter called “Phase of construction” so later on you can assign information to objects. This new parameter can be created by document, by style or by object individually. To create it by Document, open the Document Properties > Parameters > and create new parameter "“Phase of construction”:

You can create new object styles (i.e. run the vaWallStyles to open the Wall styles dialog), and assign information to that custom parameter for each style.


From the attributes tab you can assign different colors or attributes to each style to show them differently in the model:

You can see the information of that “Phase of construction” custom parameter from the “Parameters” section, in the Properties panel, or assign new values to any kind of geometry:

(PD: Take into account that these custom parameter can be listed in tables, and is also stored in the geometry as ifc Property after exporting the model to IFC.)

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