Is it possible to make phases in VisualARQ?

Hi @fsalla

Is it possible to make phases in Visual arq?
Like setting elements and walls from new construction to existing to demolishing.

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Hi @kristaps.sveisbergs you can create a custom parameter called “Phase of construction” and assign values to geometry. These values can be listed in tables.
But you cannot display the model according to the values of this custom parameter. This should be managed through layers. Or you can also create some object styles that are used for one Phase, and other styles that are used in a different phase, so you can change their style easily in the model, and each one can have specific attributes.
Just take into account that VA objects (like walls) that are hidden, will interact with visible objects.

This is a major shortcoming which we talked about a few times. I’d very much like to see this prioritized in your roadmap.
As of now, design variations on the same location (or phases) are nearly impossible.
As a side effect, it can happen that walls.overlap in a way that both walls become invisible (after importing building parts e.g.). Very hard to debug the scene then.
This, combined with better support for worksessions would be great.