New construction and demolition without geometry intersections

Is there a way to model new construction walls (red) and demolition (yellow) in a drawing with existing architecture , without overlapping of walls or adopting geometry like windows or doors?

For example, I would like to make 4 drawings:

1: Existing only
2: Demolition only
3: New construction only
4: All together

If I hide the particular components, the intersection of the geometry remains visible anyway.

It is also crucial for Room and Space calculations.

Like for Instance

thanks in advance!


Hello @user28,

We have plans to implement a feature in the future to develop different versions of the same project in one model. For now, I suggest you use the worksession workflow for this:

Thank you, I will have a look into it.
But yes, it would be an awesoe feature for the future. Makes things in real architectural planning much easier.

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Another trick is to put the walls into a block. VA won’t connect walls inside a block with walls in the scene, or other blocks.

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I typically slice off the parts we are going to demo and then explode, group, and change the layer to a demo layer.

Thanks a lot, i will try this!