VisualArq 3 Beta 6 is having issue with sublayer display of wall

Hello. I tried the latest VA3 Beta 6 and in wall category I am not able to hide sub layers even after changing visibility inside VA wall properties.

One more issue is that if I add Red color in section boundary, in the Rhino viewport its showing blue as shown below. It happens with different colors too

You can test the file below
Test12.3dm (6.2 MB)

In the layout page, the hatches are still not visible (only visible in viewport)

Hi @asisintel thanks to report these issues so quickly.
I could reproduce the two first, but no the one of hatches not visible in a page layout. Your document doesn’t include any page layout, so could you share a new file with a page layout as you have it? I’ve tried to show that wall intersection in a layout detail and the hatches appear:

@fsalla . here is the file with attached Layout. I am still facing issue.
R1Test12.3dm (6.2 MB)

Just to add another issue in this, when i change to Hidden mode inside layout Detail, everything goes blank inside detail. Only works with wireframe mode inside layout.

@asisintel you need to activate the cut plane on the level you want to display in plan view to see the wall hatches, otherwise you just see the walls in projection and that’s why you don’t see any hatches:

That’s weird. I could not reproduce that issue with your file. Does that happen with other documents?

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@fsalla Thanks. You were correct. I didn’t knew we could enable disable plans views inside layout too. That solved the hatch problem. Now in Hidden mode the lines are visible.

Another issue, is Print width (along with line colors) still not seen after print.

In the image below you can see that on rhino viewport we could see the line width (Width =8) is changing:

But once it is printed in vector format in pdf, Line width still remains thinner(default).

Line width issue in prints is always pulling me back from making VA 3 as my main design tool :frowning:

have you tried to change numbers here??

Yes already tried

This is the same attribute as the Boundary Scale in the Rhino Section styles dialog, which is used for display purposes:

What you are looking for is the “Print Width” attribute which right now is only available from the VisualARQ Section Attributes section, in the Rhino Properties panel:


We still need to implement this attribute in the VisualARQ object Styles dialog. We are currently working on that.

Thanks @fsalla for the reply. So technically its not possible now to get print with proper line width?, If yes can you pls share an example file.

Right now you can only control the section print widths from the properties panel, but when we implement it in the styles dialog, it will be easier for VisualARQ objects.

Ok. @fsalla Can we expect this in the next update of Va3

Yes, @asisintel this has been fixed in the next Beta version that we will release this week.

@asisintel we have just published VisualARQ 3 Beta 7, which fixes the errors reported here:

  • Print Width attribute for section boundary is missing in the styles dialog
  • Wrong section boundary color in a wall layer
  • Wall layer doesn’t hide in plan view
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Thats a great quick update! Thanks @fsalla