VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.8.4 released


VisualARQ 2.8.4 is now available for download.

This is a minor release that solves most of the critical issues and crashes reported by users. Please report any problem or suggestion here or send us an email to

Here is the list of changes:


  • License:
    • #9979: Use a secure HTTPS connection to validate license
  • Display:
    • #9957: Show tangent edges when “Tangent Edges” options is enabled in the “Display” panel

Fixed bugs:

  • Crash:
    • #9980: Crash when clicking the print button while the print dialog is preparing
  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #9844: The Update Property component doesn’t work with styles
  • Object: Plan View:
    • #9969: Scaled elements are not visible in plan views
    • #9967: Plan View boundary control points are only visible when plan view is in the viewport
  • Object: Space:
    • #9907: Space detects walls from upper levels
    • #9892: Space doesn’t detect insert point in the current level
  • Object: Stair:
    • #9893: Wrong stair overhead representation
  • Object: Wall:
    • #9981: I cannot extend a wall to this closed poly-surface
    • #9964: Layer offsets are not saved when they are defined by style
    • #9942: vaWallExtend bug
    • #9897: Intersection lines between walls are visible when walls are inside a block
  • Print:
    • #9932: Geometry in hidden layers is printed from page layout
    • #9139: Wrong text size when printing from layout to vector output
    • #9105: Geometry is not printed in “Hidden” display mode

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I have a question. Does VisualARQ plugin create block for object such as door and window? When I direct link to Twinmotion. They will be consider 1 object. I can not apply other material for panel or door frame.


Each VisualARQ object is like a block.
What I would do is in Rhino assign some simple materials to each part that is supposed to have a different material. Once you are in Twinmotion just replace the materials.

Hi @RamonC
I tried apply material to frame and panel window in Rhino but can not. they are only 1 object.


Checkout this tip:

Great! It worked. Thank

Bonjour, ne serait il pas possible de faire en sorte que Visual ARC (et LANDS) se mette à jour tout seul?
C’est assez compliqué de télécharger la mise à jour à chaque fois (il y en a souvent), de désinstaller l’ancienne version, et d’installer la nouvelle, surtout en entreprise avec plusieurs postes…

Merci d’avance,

You don’t need to uninstall VisualARQ (or Lands) when there is a new update available. The new update will override the previous one. In any case, we can study a better way to download and install new updates to make it easier for the users.

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