VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.3.8 released


VisualARQ 2.3.8 is now available for download.

This is a minor release that solves most of the critical issues and crashes reported by users. Please report any problem or suggestion here or send us an email to

Here is the list of changes:

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug that made all edges invisible when using Hidden display mode in Rhino 6 SR12.
  • Fixed a bug in the Door Deconstruct Grasshopper Component when the host was a curtain wall.
  • Fixed a crash when inserting an element using a Grasshopper style in a document with the Ground Plane enabled.
  • Fixed a crash when doing a copy and paste of a text dot between two different documents with a similar, but not equal, layer tree.
  • Fixed a crash when starting a new document and a VisualARQ object with a custom parameter was selected.
  • Fixed a crash when working in a layout.