VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.11 released


VisualARQ 2.11 is now available for download.

This release includes some new features and solves most of the issues reported by users. Please report any problem or suggestion here or send us an email to

Here is the list of changes:


  • Display:
    • #10525: Show or hide tangent seams in Hidden, Conceptual and Realistic display modes
  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #10590: Wall layer offsets in Grasshopper by Object
    • #10578: Wall layer offsets in Grasshopper
    • #10466: Add “Boolean” type in Parameter Options component
  • IFC:
    • #10434: IFC Import dialog
    • #10433: IFC Export dialog
    • #10252: Import IFC files with no parametric features
  • Object: Openings:
    • #2759: Be able to scale doors and windows with the Rhino Scale commands
  • Object: Space:
    • #9232: Control the order of properties displayed in space labels
    • #4379: Add custom parameters to space labels
  • Object: Tag:
    • #10595: Show slab and wall layers information in tags
    • #9221: Show Grasshopper styles parameters in tag objects
    • #6772: Show values of custom parameters in tags
    • #5284: Support multiline data on tags
  • Object: Views:
    • #10105: Option to view only the sectioned geometry (no projection) in Section views and Plan views


  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #10224: Show “other” instead of “*” when deconstructing a beam with “Other” profile size
    • #8658: Allow the Ifc Tag component to assign an Ifc tag to VisualARQ Elements
  • Installer:
    • #9659: Use current date as build date instead of last change date
  • Interface:
    • #6150: Sort and filter layer list in style editor
  • Object: Beam:
    • #10619: Fillet command works the other way around when using a custom profile
  • Object: Section:
    • #10634: Remove Section jogs with DEL key
  • Object: Slab:
    • #10637: Rename slab property “Thicknesses” to “Layer Thicknesses”
  • Object: Tag:
    • #10636: Rename tag property “Format” to “Contents”
  • Object: Wall:
    • #10638: Rename wall property “Thicknesses” to “Layer Thicknesses”


  • Attributes:
    • #10446: Geometry with print color By Parent inside blocks prints always black in Hidden display mode
  • Block:
    • #10670: Error inserting a model into a new document
    • #10462: Bug when mirroring a block that contains walls
  • Crash:
    • #10692: Rhino crashes when placing an element created with a Grasshopper Style
    • #10690: Rhino crashes when trying to edit a detailed view
    • #10618: Crash when pressing the X button after deleting a custom parameter
    • #10569: Crash when opening a file with missing fonts on the system
    • #10552: Crash when editing a slab layer thickness
  • Display:
    • #10421: Missing lines on filleted edges in Hidden display mode
  • Dynamic Section:
    • #10041: VisualARQ sections don’t take into account the “Shadows ignore user-defined clipping planes” display mode option
  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #10746: Wall From Solid component doesn’t accept flipped polysurfaces
    • #10742: Create Hatch component error
    • #10589: VisualARQ Pipeline component requires a manual recompute
    • #10497: Change link of VisualARQ Components Help
    • #10422: It’s not possible to assign an IFC type to an Element
    • #10411: Create hatch component missing
    • #8569: Error assigning an IFC type to a block
  • Grasshopper: Style:
    • #10544: SubD output params are not recognized as style components
    • #10508: C# and Python Script components not connected to any output are not evaluated
  • IFC:
    • #10488: Two missing slabs in the IFC file
    • #10447: Description and IFC Description should have the same value
    • #10431: Description and custom parameters are not stored in curves in IFC files
    • #10414: Windows are rotated in the IFC file
    • #10394: Crash after opening an IFC file
  • Installer:
    • #10243: Wrong message when VisualARQ for Rhino 7 is not detected
  • Interface:
    • #6103: Show layer hierarchy in style attributes editor
  • Layout:
    • #10671: Rhino hangs when activating any layout on this document
    • #9131: Model performance is too slow when VisualARQ is enabled
  • Object:
    • #10631: VisualARQ objects do not keep SetObjectDisplayMode changes when opening a document
  • Object: Beam:
    • #10605: The vaSplit command doesn’t properly on beams when CPlane is not the XY
    • #10472: Beam in vertical position rotates when it is inclined from the top control point
    • #10425: Beam disappears after an update
    • #10420: Error on a beam when moving an object of subtraction
    • #10419: vaSplit error on beams with solids subtracted
  • Object: Curtain Wall:
    • #10623: Cell visibility set as “Hidden” is ignored by the viewport, and the section view
    • #10620: Curtain walls don’t take into account their style alignment property
    • #10585: Curtain wall extension is done all along its path even when no surface is on its projection
    • #10504: Inclined curtain walls are not correctly extended
    • #10503: Curtain wall frame error when extending to more than one surface
    • #10458: Curtain wall extension is not preserved when inserting a file as embedded and linked block
  • Object: Furniture:
    • #10598: Scaling Furniture objects corrupts their dimensions
  • Object: Plan View:
    • #9975: Slow Plan View generation
  • Object: Roof:
    • #10416: Roof’s Interference is not solved when one of them is created from a surface
    • #10403: Roof error when using concave shapes
    • #10385: Refresh roof thickness when changing the slab style
  • Object: Section:
    • #10633: When using vaSectionAddJog multiple times, the previously added point (jog) disappear
    • #10313: Grouping objects is not consistent when the model is in section
  • Object: Section View:
    • #10513: Wrong Line print color in Section View
    • #10464: Section view takes a long time to update
    • #6000: Rhino runs out of memory when generating a section view
    • #5923: It takes a long time to generate a section view
  • Object: Slab:
    • #10635: Deleting all slab control points crashes Rhino
    • #10606: Slab is not visible while inserting it
  • Object: Space:
    • #10307: Space label ignores the number of decimals of its Annotation style
    • #10303: It takes 6 minutes to update a space style
  • Object: Stair:
    • #10445: Stair arrow doesn’t reach the last visible step
  • Object: Table:
    • #10543: Fields selector in Table Styles returns wrong data
    • #10436: The table doesn’t show the window sizes
  • Object: Tag:
    • #10527: Tags on slabs are created far away from the slab boundary
    • #10427: Tag label from a block is not consistent
  • Object: Wall:
    • #10604: Wall height is not scaled when it is set to “By Style”
    • #10547: Wall is unextended after copying it
    • #10546: Wall is extended to a roof without taking into account the subtracted solids
    • #10526: Wall extend is not saved inside a block edit
    • #10297: Walls not merging when Cut Plane is enabled
  • Other:
    • #10575: Discrepancy in version number
  • Performance:
    • #10534: Slow performance creating walls
    • #10451: Slow performance of styles editor
    • #10449: File takes a long time to open
    • #10281: Clipping planes are ~3 times faster than cut planes
    • #10135: Orbit performance is slower when VisualARQ loaded
    • #9925: Huge performance difference between Clipping planes and Level sections
  • Render:
    • #10658: The glass component of a curtain wall renders even when it’s hidden


  • These are the required Rhino versions to install VisualARQ:
    • Rhino 5 SR14 or later.
    • Rhino 6 SR34 or later.
    • Rhino 7 SR4 or later.




This is awesome!

Fat release, thanks!
Btw the webpage still shows 2.10:

Yes, we’re aware of this. The webpage is currently in the process of being updated (what’s new, version numbers, translation, etc). We run an internal copy of the website where we make all changes, and when the page is ready, we publish those changes to the public site. I hope it will be uploaded later today.

Anyway, the final download file has been already updated.



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