Unrecongized Objects

When I open an existing file I get a notification saying unrecognized objects for a GhVa20 Plug-in. The only thing I have noticed is some of my text font has changed. Another thing that happens which may not be related is a empty folder is created on my desktop every time I open the file. There may be other things I have not noticed.


The file in question I drafted a few years ago and was my first set of building plans with VisualARQ 1.95 and upgraded versions a few times. Right now I’m on and Rhino 5.14.522.8390. I can’t think of what I did to make the problem other than that.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas to resolve this.

Hi Adam, you are using an old version of VisualARQ. First of all, try to update to the latest release (2.8.5):Update - VisualARQ
Then, try to open that file after making sure VisualARQ is loaded in your Rhino.
Please let me know if the problem persists after these instructions.

I updated the version and that fixed the error. Thanks!

sir i am having the same error and i am using the latest version of VisualARQ and latest of Rhino and latest of Revit too …

getting thsi error when i try click on “Download and install”

Hi @Tulasinath_Reddy make sure VisualARQ loads before opening Grasshopper. Just run any VisualARQ command to load it.
Then open GH with that file. You should see the VisualARQ components there.
Let me know if you don’t.

i opened my rhino in which i have alredy made a builiding using visualarq walls , doors , windows and columns .
now i am opening revit and i have added rhino.inside and in its setting i added a script “Objects-VA to Revit_ENU_ENG_English.gh” and then i click on start and i see this :

when i click on Objects VA to Revit then i am seeint that download and install box.
so what should i do now could u please be more elaborate…

all of sudden i am able to see VisualARQ in GH of revit …
its working now !! :ok_hand: :rofl: :rofl:
This is AWESOME !

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I’m also getting a similar window after opening a new file (custom template file).


I attached the template file
20220414_VisualARQ 2 & Lands Design - Meters.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hi @brglez.primoz,

Please, load VisualARQ before opening this file to avoid having this window displayed. I tried with your file and if you load VisualARQ before I don’t get the warning.

What do you mean by this? This is the template file i use for all my projects which opens by default every time i open Rhino. VisualARQ gets loaded with this file, but i guess it loads after Rhino recognises these objects?

Hi @brglez.primoz,

This warning shows up when you are trying to open a file which is using VisualARQ Grasshopper components before loading VisualARQ. If you load VisualARQ before (you can do it by running any VisualARQ command), this shouldn’t show up.

It looks like visualarq gets loaded before this window pops up. Here’s a video of opening Rhino with the Template file posted above.

I see, if you load VisualARQ manually the warning is not displayed but it is true that in this case it is being loaed automatically, so the warning shouldn’t be displayed eiher. I’ll report this to check if it can be improved. Anyway, after opening the file, is there something working wrong even if you get this warning at the beggining?

No, I haven’t noticed anything not working. The message is just a minor annoyance :slight_smile:

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