Visibility of most of file is lost when changing from initial display mode

I have a file that was created in Rhino5, combination of Mac and Windows versions. Last saved with Artistic view mode active, so opens this way by default. it Still works fine in Rhino5 for Mac but when I open it in RhinoWIP (Rhino6 WIP for Mac) it opens OK in Artistic display but if I change to any other display type it shows nothing but an empty background. Even if I change to Artistic again it shows nothing. See attached display properties for wireframe-all display properties are also still set at default settings like wireframe so lines should display.

When I close RhinoWIP and reopen the application then reopen the file the same thing happens again. Traveling now so I can’t test on Windows Rhino6.

File can not be posted on the forum so I have sent to

I’m seeing the same problem here.
It works fine in Windows V6.

The geometry is there if you run the SelAll command, you’ll see it highlight.
If you run Export in the WIP and save it as a V5 file, it will open in V5 correctly.
Oddly enough, the V5 version file opens correctly in V6.

That should get you going for now.

I’ll send this off to the developer.


Try ClearAllMeshes - does that blow out any cobwebs?


Thanks John snd Pascal. I will check this out in a few days when back to the office.

Back at office now and I confirm the file behaves on my Windows workstation. On the Mac I tried “ClearAllMeshes” but it has no effect I can see. “SelAll” does indeed reveal the geometry is still there.
However, contrary to your experience, when I exported file as V5 and reopened in V6, the file still behaves as previously reported, failing to display any other mode. Even reverting back to Artistic is blank. “SelAll” does again reveal all geometry is still present.
Now for the interesting part-if I open the original file it opens in Artistic mode. Change display to Wireframe and nothing shows up. With Wireframe still the selected mode and no geometry displayed save the file as V6 file with different name. Open the new file and all displays perfectly in Wireframe. Change to another display mode and all disappears again. So it appears the bug is related to changing initial display mode, not really anything to do with Artistic per se.
Thanks for your attention to this, much appreciated!

Hi All this issue is still not fixed in the current Rhino for Mac WIP
Version 6 WIP (6.12.18317.12076, 2018-11-13)
Tested in Windows version 6.11 and it’s fine.
Same as previously reported, SelAll reveals all geometry, ClearAllMeshes does not have any effect on the visibility
Sending another file to now…

Just downloaded and installed Version 6 WIP (6.12.18324.12016, 2018-11-20)
Problem solved! THANKS

Sorry looks like I got happy to soon. Problem still persists now with another file, although this time the performance is more complicated. Using Rhino WIP for Mac if I start in wireframe I can go to shaded, rendered, ghosted, x-ray most of the time without losing display. Other display modes are not consistent -sometimes they will show sometimes they fail. Once any display fails I have to close and re-open the file to get visibility. Saving back to V5 does not help it open in RhinoWIP for Mac. File opens fine in V5 for Mac, and V6 for Windows. File sent to