Rhino5 on Mac 10.14.6 cannot see lines or other objects that are created

I’m using Rhino5 on Mac 10.14.6 cannot see lines or other objects that are created. It seems they have been created, because I can undo, but I cannot see or find the objects.

I can create 3d objects in the same space and they are visible.

I’ve zoomed Extents>>All, then performed a Cmd-A to select all object and the objects don’t seem to exist

Am I missing something obvious ?



It’s possible to be using a display mode that hides objects.
If you start a new file, leave it in the default Wireframe display mode, if your draw some curves and surfaces, do they display?

Yes, they display in a new drawing. The drawing that is not showing objects has been in use for some time; I was making edits and did not consciously change the display mode.

I’ve been using ghosted and shaded view modes; if I shift to wireframe, the objects appear. Then, if I switch back, to ghosted view, all objects now appear, including new objects.

What would explain this ?



My wild guess is a problem with the viewports in the file, with the Rhino Preferences file, or with the display drivers.

Changing the display modes are not easy.
We don’t let you change the default ones. You can make a copy and change the copy. Based on your description, that doesn’t sound at all likely.

My best recommendation is to stick with the technique you discovered on your own; that is if you see this again, switch to Wireframe and switch back.

If the problem gets worse and is specific that that file, you could make a new file with the same setup, and import your original file into it.
If the problem gets worse and is NOT SPECIFIC to that file, then we can get you the instructions to reset your Rhino Preferences PLIST.