Rhino freezes and crashes on NVidia video card

My laptop is XPS 15 9560 with i7 Quad-core, 32 GB RAM and GTX 1050 4G.

I recently installed Rhino 6 with evaluation license. When I clicked on the viewport or open the option window, Rhino freezes and crashes afterwards. I also tested Rhino 5 and this also happened. When forced to use the integrated Intel video card, both applications can function normally. I tried to update the Nvidia driver but it didn’t help.

I am not sure whether it is a software issue or related to the hardware, since I have the system repaired in the winter break and the problem didn’t exist last semester when I used Rhino 6 WIP. And Dell’s online diagnosis doesn’t show any issue about the system.

Just want to know if anybody has run into similar problem before I contact Dell’s support…

Was your Windows version changed/updated in conjunction with the repair? There have been reports of problems with certain recent Windows 10 updates.

A complete removal of existing nvidia gpu drivers and related software (geforce experience et al), then installing latest from Nvidia website is something to try.

Did you tried to unload internal intel hd graphics ? Dell should have in bios sth like discreet mode it will then run only nvidia card (if it isn’t hardwired) i had viewport issues cause of win 1709 update and turning off igpu solved the problem.

Just had problem with my XPS15 as well.
It seemed not only Rhino, but other apps were also couldn’t even recognize gtx1050

As recommended by @nathanletwory
try a complete removal and install of nvidia driver from nvidia site. dell’s support page doesn’t have latest drivers for nvidia GPUs.

I uninstalled all apps from nvidia, then uninstalled GTX1050 from device manager deleting all related files.

After that reboot the ran the driver from nvidia, and restarted again and was back and running.

dedicated GPU has some hickups time to time…
but, uninstall/install seems to be the fastest solution in the end…

Remember to use DDU to be 100% sure when uninstalling drivers.