Viewport Tabs Order - Kind of Nitpicking

This is a strange phenomenon. When I start out a brand new document the viewport tabs all look like this:

I work for however long and then save and exit. When I open it back up after a week the tabs are rearranged for some reason like this:

I don’t ever change them, I think they have become sentient and change themselves…

How do I lock these things into place?

And also, my ‘move’ option is greyed out:

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Hi Jake, I’ll check on the ordering, thanks for pointing that out. The Move/Copy is for layouts, which appear as new tabs.


So, for now it is not possible to move the viewport tabs?

As of now, I think that’s correct. We aren’t able to drag them around to
change order.

I’ve resorted to just changing each individual tab until I like the

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