Drag Viewport tabs?

Am I remembering wrong? I thought I used to be able to drag tabs to organize them like in AutoCad. I also thought CTRL+Drag made a copy. I cannot do that now. e.g. I wanted to drag the Back Tab next to the Front tab. It won’t move. Is this not possible, or have I locked the tabs some how.


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No dragging.
Right-mouse click and you’ll find Copy and Move tools.

I get those options for the Layout Tabs but not the Viewport tabs.

Only the Layout tabs can be rearranged.
I have no idea why.

I was researching if I can be tidier and feel more comfortable with some UI elements and ran into this strange limitation. Can we have this rearrange option available for normal viewports as well?

I guess I’m not clear on exactly what you’re after or what problem it would solve for you.
Something like this?

The problem is that every new viewport lands on the end of the list from where it can’t be moved.

On the second screenshot, it is already visible that the order of the viewports in the bottom bar is not representing the same logic of my viewport layout. If I would need to make another viewport it will just be placed on the end of the list and make even more mess.

I could just rearrange viewport layout, every time I add another viewport, just to keep the same order as on the bottom list, but of course, this is an insanely unproductive way to do it.

To add a little more, I would gladly see an option to further split the bottom list into user-defined groups, so one can see out more of the corner of your eye.

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The viewport tab order is not saved in the 3dm file. This isn’t extremely hard to implement, but it hasn’t been done and takes time to write. This is what would need to be done to support reorganization.

Understood. In some cases, it is more annoying than in others. Overall, not that big of a deal, and maybe I can pre-organize mine tabs. Thanks for your clarification.

We have addressed this general problem in V7 with a Layouts Panel:

Yes, this thing in the Layouts Panel is working fine. It is more of an issue of viewports tabs sorting - I jump between them many times more than between Layouts, and Layouts can be sorted inside this panel and it’s alright.


This is still an ongoing problem in v7, please can it get sorted out? The worse problem than not being able to move the tabs around / change the order for viewport tabs is that they rearrage themselves when you reopen a file. I also get a problem in v6 where the TOP viewport duplicates itself, sometimes. Only ever the TOP, doesnt always happen, very irritating.