BUMP: organizing viewport tabs


I am struggling with this old problem right now, and “drag to reorganize” would be such a relief!

also for the layout tabs, this would be preferable or a great addition to the old-school move+copy (hold alt+drag=copy)

I have several section viewports with clipping planes and them all being jumbled up is disorientating.

Would be happy to see in Rhino 8 :wink:

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Hi Daniel -

Well… :see_no_evil:
I see this request or issue was put on the list a little over 10 years ago (RH-2183 - not visible to the public) and again in 2019. I’ve added this thread to that issue.
RH-54081 New viewport tabs don’t stay in their original order


Hi Wim,

thanks for checking back here!

I see RH-54081 relates to the viewport tabs not staying in the original order after file reopen

a fix for this AND an option to manually reorder them would be awesome!



This is STILL a problem, PLEASE can you sort it out. Is it a really hard thing to program or something?

I have 7 modelspace viewports on a model right now, and they change their order most times I reopen the drawing.

PLEASE can you give us a way to reorder as we would like (you know, like in EXCEL or BricsCAD or pretty much any other program that has tabs).

Also, can there be a standard order eg Perspective, Top, Front, Right that we could reset the tabs too if required.

And then we need a LOCK function so that the order is retained once we have set it.

I usually switch viewports using the tabs, I dont read the title each time, I just remember where the tab I want is located and click on the correct one.

You have managed to implement this for layout / detail tabs, why not for modelspace ones?

PLEASE fix this, don’t just hide the thread again.


And while this is being fixed at last… Please fix it also on the Mac side!
[at least the option to add additional views to the standard 4… it has been over 10 years for that as well, and now with the new platform agnostic UI it is still only 4 ]

thanks a lot

It’s possibly not very hard but there are many other projects that are currently taking priority. RH-54083 is currently on the Future list - I’ve added this thread to the report.

Once you set up your viewports as you want, you could save that in a custom template and use the ReadViewportsFromFile command to get the viewport layout from that file.

RH-54392 is something else entirely.