How to get viewport tabs and layouts back?

…I’ve been useing Rhino every now and then, and even done some quite nice work with the program.
BUT I’ve been running to this same problem for years. I pushed some button and they all vanished. Now I’ve been pushing zilloins of other buttons but can’t get them back.

How to get those few layouts (which I did), plus those four different tabs to the upper left corner of the display? They are not on the right, left or bottom either. I just can’t find them. Only one view is visible (which I can change to four views). But that’s all.

Can’t be very ‘intuitive’ feature… :frowning:

View menu > Viewport layout > Show Viewport Tabs…? --Mitch


Yep, thank’s!

I also found what I think I was originally looking for: ‘Combined Model tab.’ (Maybe there was a bug or something because yesterday I couldn’t find it - and now I found it immediatly(?).
…but pretty much becuse of your help :wink:


…now I understand: the ‘Combined Model tab’ is visible only after choosing that ‘Show Viewport Tabs’ - which is in a complitely different place :wink:

(‘Combined Model tab’ is in the viewport where the Perspective, right, top, etc. are, and ‘Show Viewport Tabs’ is in the upper menu bar - like You said).

Confuseing if You don’t know it…