Viewport Size Larger Than Monitor Resolution

Back in Rhino 2, I could use the SetViewportWindowSize and make my viewport much larger than the monitor resolution. I can’t seem to find a similar command in Rhino 5…

Hi Milcad - use

-VieweportProperties Size - you may need a NewFloatingViewport


Hi MilCAD,

Out of curiosity, why would you want that?
Maybe if it’s for viewcaptures: When you run the -ViewCaptureToFile (NOTE the ‘-’ in front)
you can set the option for explicite resolution or a scale multiplier:


Thanks Pascal, I didn’t think about the floating viewport…

Willem, I am creating large texture sheets, the way I have for years in Rhino 2 and its the easiest way to line up the long textures so I have an exact match when I seam them together on the model.

Hello guys,
Once, I have been able to change the resolution of a viewport up to 4K (3840x2160px) using :

-ViewportProperties Size

This is for making captures and animations directly from the Viewport with High-Resolution.

But rhino crashed one day later, something about an error Nvidia (kernel), I forgot the details.
Now, it seems I cannot go further than 2564x1421px, when I type in the resolution I want (4K) it automatically set it up to the latter max values (My Monitor is a Dell 2560x1440px.)
This is annoying, knowing I have been able to do it a few days before (with the same machine and same display monitor). I checked and indeed, I managed to make an animation using a custom floating viewport 3840x2160px. This is really about viewport captures, knowing I am working with custom displays using grasshopper.
And rhino seems to be able to display a viewport even bigger… See that the maximum viewport size is 32768x32768 with my Nvidia Quadro P1000.
Is it possible that Windows 10 is constraining any window to a maximum, basically the display monitor max size?

Thank you !