Max size when setting new floating viewport properties

Hi all

I am trying to make high res screenshots from Rhino, using the Artic viewsetting. I have made an alias that creates a new floating viewport and sets the size before making a screencapture to file. However it does not let me change the height of the image above 2540 x 1314 px, which is roughly the size of my resolution (2560 x 1440 px).

Is there a way to bypass this limitation? Or is it a setting? I have tried on two other computers without any problems.

I have a p1000 gfx and the max viewport size is set at 32768 x 32768.

Hope anyone can help!

Hi Mat - use ViewCaptureToFile - that will let you scale the image to taste.


Hi Pascal

Cool. I did not know of this command. I will check it out tomorrow. Hopefully it will work. Thanks a bunch!