Increase Viewport size in Rhino for Mac


I am looking to increase the viewport for a render, but the -ViewportProperties command does not let me change the size of the viewport. It lets me change some other properties but when I click on ‘size’ the command ends itself ![:frowning_face:]

I am using Rhino 5 for Mac, could it be that you can only edit the viewport size on a Windows?

Please let me know if anyone has any idea, I’m desperate ![:frowning:]


You want to edit the pixel width and height of the rendered image?

Therefore you can choose “custom” instead of “viewport” from the render properties. (Menu > Render > Render properties > resolution)

Thanks Msmr,

My issue is that I cannot control what goes into the view when I change the viewport size manually in the render settings, so I am hoping to increase the viewport itself and then render current viewport.

I don’t need the resolution to be very high as I am using the view to photoshop over, but I do need the basic geometry.

Thanks for your help!

I see.
What about zoom , factor ?

Could you please tell me where I can change zoom factors? I cannot find it.

Thank you!

Has there been an update? The current v6 and WIP v7 do not seem to allow Viewport Properties Size changes. A feature parity to Windows would be very helpful here. Any news? @stevebaer, please?

Thank you!


Hi - This request is on the list as RH-54392 and RH-36694 and is not something that can be easily implemented.

There are a few ways of setting the size of a viewport that you can use.

As was mentioned in this thread, you can set the render size in the render properties. When you then show the safe frame, you should be able to make sure that what you want to get rendered is in the correct position in a differently sized viewport.

You can, of course, change the viewport size by dragging the borders and you can make a new floating viewport that can be dragged to size.

Lastly, you could run the -ViewportProperties command (with the dash) to set the height and width of the viewport. Note that this maximizes the active viewport and then modifies the entire Rhino window to fit around that viewport size.