Viewport scale/ material id's/ batch rendering

Hi guys,

It’s me again. I posted these issues before but the category was wrong. I am using VRAY.

So the issues are:

  1. My boss asked me to render something 1 to 1 scale so that I can print it as such. To my knowledge I can only print something to scale, I cant render it to scale. does anyone have any knowledge of this?

  2. How do I assign material Id’s to surfaces/Solid. Im assuming its in the options panel but Im not in front of my computer right now.

  3. Does anyone have any experience with batch rendering? How would I save the renders to a particular location? I followed the online instructions and it said the renders would be saved in the same place as the file being rendered, but I don’t see anything in that location. I just want to save the batch rendered files to the desktop for easy retrieval.


Ref item2 - I think you can only assign material id’s via the material editor under the options tab, then id colour. Just make sure you include the Material ID channel in the VFB Channels to be rendered (under the rendering options panel). You can then save out that channel by selecting it from the drop down menu top left of the VFB.

V-Ray uses a pin-hole camera, you are going to have distortion in size using a pin-hole camera, you can minimize distortion and still print out an approximation of a 1 to 1 scale. What kind of object are you trying to print at 1 to 1 scale?

If the 3dms are on the desktop, they should save on the desktop. The V-Ray For Rhino BatchRender plugin calls the command SaveRenderWindowAs. Are you able to save renders to the desktop using the command SaveRenderWindowAs?

Can you share a 3dm that has this issue? Which version of V-Ray For Rhino are you using? Which version of windows are you using?

Thanks for the reply, I am working in a cosmetics bottle, How can I print the 1 to 1? I cannot share the file because my boss would kill me. I am using rhinio 5 and windows 7. Im going to try the saverenderwindowas

another question, whats the best way to get a hi res image, do i increase the resuloution subdivs,and samples, or is there another way?

Is this what you meant by ‘hi res’?

For larger images, save yourself the tweaking and just use the Presets: Quality settings. In V-Ray Options, go to the top of the Option Editor and select Preset: General, then select “04_Medium” (or higher) and click the green check mark. These Presets will modify multiple settings and save you a lot of stress.


I just tried the SaveRenderWindowAs command and saved the files on a folder on my desktop and it work, except for the fact that Its rendering passes of the fist file in the Batch Que. In addition to that, its not doing it in Hi res like I specified in the options dialog, now is it doing it at the screen resolution i specified in the options dialog.

Can you go over the process step by step with me if you dont mind.

My goal is to Render all the files I worked on for the day in Hi res, so that when I come into work in the morning the files are all ready. I am rendering scenes from about 5 or 6 different files, all different products. Im assuming this is possible with batch render correct?

Thanks in advance.