Scripting a Batch Render with Replacement Materials and Angles VRay for Rhino

Hi so I want to write a Rhino Script had a couple questions I’m sure someone on this forum would probably have experience in and be able to help me out. Thanks in advance.

Software is Rhino 6.0 and Renderer is VRay for Rhino 3.6~

1st Major issue I had is I have Vray 2.0 for Matrix from Gemvision and when I installed the trial for 3.6 it stepped on some dlls and now it doesnt function correctly on matrix side.

Other thing, I am anyway looking into switching to using Vray for Rhino more for rendering tasks so this focuses more on that.

1st. What is the prefered Rhino Scripting language one would use to accomplish this? from my understanding there are several

2nd. For that language is there a help doc or code base that details commands that could help batch render some items. Specifically. I was told this had to be done via VRay script so I am asking about that here.

 - Assigning a material to a specific layer by name. Example Assign Yellow Gold or Rose Gold or Platinum to a layer based on layer name "Metal 01" (There are specifically VRay Materials)
 - Loading a different Environment setting for the item in order to render or just a base Vray Environment
 - Waiting for a render to finish before proceeding to the next task
 - Save Image to a specific Path or location
 - Selecting a layer by name and returning whether or not any items were found on that layer.

Anything else that may be of use or any topics i may have missed or overlooked

Thanks in advance I appreciate any help i can get on this!

Bump … would really appreciate some help getting started here

You might consider moving this to the Rendering > VRay category.

– Dale

thx moved it