Viewport dimension scale

I’ve inadvertently changed something and now I cant figure out how to get my dimensions to scale properly in my viewport

What platform are you on? Are you referring to the size of the text or the numerical value of the dimensions?

I know how to change the text size , but I can’t figure out how to make the layout dimension equal the model space dimension . —I’m hoping that there is an automatic setting and that I don’t have to figure out the scale manually for every detail that I create

Windows or Mac Rhino?
You didn’t categorize your message.

Since layouts are mentions, I’m assuming windows.

See the settings under Document Properties > Annotations > Dimensions > [your dimension style] > Layout sizes > Model space scale.
Does that help?

Hi wim thanks for the help . I’m using windows 7 --Rhino 5 64 bit SR 11 . Ok I’ve gone to tools/options / annotation / dimensions / my dimension style / Layout sizes and the model space scale is set at 1 . ----There is a dialogue box to scale distances ,but my layout scale is not listed in the drop down . —I’ve been dimensioning layouts without a problem for over a year now , and all of a sudden my dimensions are measuring and displaying the paper space . —I thought that the dimensions would adjust automatically to the model size . —Is there a setting for this that I might have messed up ?

Sounds like you;re talking about the distances shown in the dimensions, not the size of the dimension text, etc, right?

To have paper space dimensions display the model space distances, you have to snap to geometry in the detail when you make the dimensions.

Thanks lowel --I wasn’t snapping to the geometry . —Now it makes sense .