Problem with annotation dimension size

Hi, I am trying to view the dimensions in layout detail but it is scaled too large. Please can someone help explain how to scale to the detail layout window in Rhino 7. I use to have 'enable scaling of text, dimensions in Rhino 5 but I can’t seem to find this now.

Hi Nathalie -
The recommended workflow is as follows: When you set the font height for an annotation style, make sure to set this to the size you expect on a layout. If you then need to also use that style in model space, modify the Model space scale setting as required.

Note that, for this to work as expected, you need to have both the Enable model space scaling and the Enable layout space scaling settings enabled in Document Properties -> Annotation Styles:


Hi Wim,

Thank you for your quick reply. I have unticked the Enable scaling and it now works perfectly😃

Thanks again!