Viewport background color does not change

I use Rhino 5 on Windows 7 parallels and, despite the fact that my appearance settings are on the default setting, the background color is not the default gray color and it does not change when I assign a new color to it. The other viewport colors are customizable, however. I am aware that parallels is not recommended to be used in congruence with Rhino 5.

You didn’t say what your background color is.
Is it a blue to white gradient?

Thanks for your quick reply, John. It is a warmer shade of gray than the default. I found the specific color settings for each display mode which seems to have solved my problem!

I am suddently having the same problem - Rhino 5 on WIndows 7 - background color stays white and will not change in any viewport mode when I change the color in settings. This never happened previously. Viewport background is stuck on white. Please advise.

Can you post a screen shot of the background settings for the mode you are in?

Figured it out - had inadvertently typed the gradient view command when typing grasshopper… silly mistake

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