Change background from grey to white

This is probably a simple question how do I change the background to white?

Options>Appearance>Colors… You might also want to modify your grid colors if you use the grid (same place). --Mitch

thanks for the help. The mistake I was making is when you first click on appearance there is a background on thaat page which I had set to white.but I think its refering to text rather than the background of the viewport

That one is setting the background color of the command prompt - the box where the commands and their feedback are printed.

What am I missing here. I changed it to white for one purpose, and now want to change it back to gray, as my client has a bunch of yellow layers that I can barely see. I’m changing background back to gray but it’s still showing white. How did I break it? I even tried restarting in case it needed to reinitialize or something, no luck.

Hello - yeh… the viewport background color set at the application level can be overriden by a display mode - see the Display panel for the current display mode settings…



Ah yes thank you. That, is how I broke it :slight_smile: