Viewport accuracy / Arctic (with Outlines)


Im working on an installation manual, and found out that Arctic with outlines (rendered materials) is a perfect way to do it.

There is just one drawback. Our products are relatively large 3000*4000x2400mm in size. If i want to have extents view, outlines of underlying objects become visible even there is 1mm of solid material on top of them.

See the attachment. Red part is earlier mentioned 1mm thick part on top.

So practically what i need to set the precision of viewport higher. How can i get this done?

Thanks in advance!


Version 6 SR17
(6.17.19235.15041, 23.8.2019)

You might try playing with the test command Testzbiasfactor - not sure if it affects Arctic display mode though.

Thanks! It sort of works, but not enough. Set it till 1.45519e-11 and the “hidden” lines are still a bit visible.

OK, that’s all I know about this - maybe @jeff can help further…

Testing it a bit more and it seems, it has better effect on ViewCaptureToFile with high resolution :slight_smile:
So thank you once more!

The biasing occurs because of depth buffer resolution and precision… I won’t go into the complexities behind non-linear depth buffers, but they’re what cause these types of situations due to “where” the precision is placed/focused.

That being said, the one thing that can control this better is camera placement and distance from objects. You can put the camera closer to the object and change the field of view to get the same “view”, but you will then have much more precision in the depth buffer for the objects nearest to the camera, and thus, you should have much less z-fighting (theoretically)… but it also depends on what else is within in camera view and how far away it is…so it’s not always going to work.

Given all that, the technical modes compound the issue due to the way they utilize the depth buffer to produced some of the “effects” you see in those modes (i.e. hidden lines)… so it’s not going to be as easy as moving the camera in those cases unfortunately. We’re hoping to do away with most of the old technical “modes”, and bring their features into the standard display modes… In other words, remove the need for a separate “Technical Display Pipeline”…which should also help in cases like the one mentioned in this thread.

Sorry I don’t have better news on this one atm…but having your file might allow us to see what can/could be done to tweak this out of the scene… Sometimes this can be solved on a case-by-case basis…so having the case file can help.


Without knowing anything: would it be theoretically possible to make an offline sollution that uses a higher resolution and precision for viecapture and or idle use?