Viewing lines and curves for custom preview in rendered mode?

How can I view lines, curves and edges with colour settings set from the custom swatch in rendered mode?

Even though I’ve set surface edges to true in Rhino display settings for rendered mode, they don’t show up when using custom swatches in Grasshopper. They only show as default Grasshopper red.

custom preview (12.7 KB)

I mostly use PreviewLW (Custom Preview Lineweights) from Human to make this work. I’ve used it in Rendered, Artic, and Raytraced mode before, and works like a charm.
Otherwise, you’d have to tweak your display settings in the Rhino settings - I guess -, which wouldn’t really be parametrically controllable, unless you come up with some kind of script to do it from Grasshopper.

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Thanks @p1r4t3b0y . It worked. So you use a Debrep and insert the edges output in this Human component like this?


Use either one.

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Yes, or you could use Wires (Brep Wireframe) to get the edges.

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Thanks @ajarindia, @p1r4t3b0y :+1:

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