[REQUEST] Custom preview bug? gh curves not displaying in 'rendered' rhino viewport


I trust I can get some help with this issue:

I am working with some molecules and have noticed that gh curves are not rendered within rhino when:

  1. Rhino viewport is set to rendered and grasshopper curves are ‘colorized’ via custom preview component

Here’s rhino in rendered view, you can see the previewed line without the overlaid color (gh default pink) of the custom preview component connected to the line output:

When turning off the preview for the line node, plus switching rhino viewport to rendered, the custom preview does not preview the colorized line:

A current ‘work-around’ has involved meshing all lines as ultra-thin pipes to color them - however above a few thousand of them the file gets untamable.

We wish to ‘render’ them with colors (while staying in the rendered viewport) to show them along colorized mesh structures.

Thank you for your support.

Hello sailor,
A quick search in the forum provided the answer:


Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton

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thanks @shackleton

I did find that one and a couple of other discussions referencing each other, like this one:

It is an unresolved thing.
Or, alternatively and quite possibly, plus ready-to-own-it, this exposes my ignorance of the solution if there is one without Human.

On Human:
I can use this for now

However, it must be stated, as rant - and not confused with “I don’t like plug-ins” (Human rocks!) - that:

When the ‘solution’ to PREVIEW A CURVE in rendered view is ‘a plug-in’ we have failed - failed to insist :wink:

'means it’s on a ‘by-need’ basis:
once enough plug-in avoiders dislike it, then curves will be ‘rendered’ in ‘rendered view’

(shhhhhh passionate rhino-defending patrol, I know I haven’t done anything to develop Rhino myself, and I love rhino as well and this isn’t an attack :heartpulse:)


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I understand. Human is a great plug-in with many years of experience behind it and I would argue that soon it should be incorporated to grasshopper because it’s great.

In programming in general, libraries or plugins as we call it here are a fundamental part that allows software developers to provide a fast reliable version of its program without any extra weight. If you need some particular library in any programming language you just have to go and import it to your project. That is the way that programming languages work. What McNeel is doing here it’s nothing odd or new. I think it’s great that grasshopper has such a level of open-source design that any developer can create a plug in that feed their needs and share it with the world.

Personally as an architect I never ever never needed to display a line in rendered mode, I would just bake the stuff, so for me yor request is really odd. It is great that there is someone out there that had the same problem and created a plugin for it.

Grasshopper today is used in A LOT of industries, like architecture, jewelery design, engineering, digital art and so many others. If the software had each and every function that every user needs, it would be a disaster. Very heavy, lots of memory usage, lot of useless functions for every user.

I hope you get the point.

Maybe you should rename the topic as REQUEST to avoid further confussions.

Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton

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definitely agree!
Especially when now Rhino kicks ass with its previews and raytracing.
Hence the perplexing state upon getting no rendering of a curve :stuck_out_tongue:

me either - I guess I’ll drop these molecules and go back to architecture ;'(

'got tired of it as I must jump from one molecule to another for a video I’m making


I appreciate your feedback


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