Viewing diffrent SubD mods at the same time

HI. I’m relatively new to using SubD in Rhino, so not sure if it’s possible.

But can you set one view port/window to be on a different SubD display.

eg. one window shows SubD in boxmode and the other in smooth. se the photoshoped pictur for refrence.

Not at this time, but the request is filed as

Ok. Not what i had hoped for. But thanks for the answer Brian :slight_smile:

hi Brian, could you also add the wish to make it possible to display subd and the input geometry, not just per object but also if wished that both show simultaneously? one of them ghosted for instance.

or adding something like a display mode for subd geometry like discussed here

I filed that as well a while back (it’s an internal one though, RH-58328) but it was not attempted due to technical reasons. I added your comments to the request.

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