SubD - independent Smoothmode and Boxmode in different viewports

Two questions I guess:

1.) Is it possible to sync two viewports ie. the one viewport is exactly the same view as the other viewport and any navigation in the one viewport is mirrored in the other? .

2.) Is it possible to have a SubD object displayed in Smoothmode in one viewport and Boxmode in another?

Ideally I’d like to combine the two questions to create two synced viewports giving different displaymodes of the SubD object. I could work seamlessly between the two and see the results in both displaymodes immediately.

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1- I don’t think so no… or at least I’m not finding a way. Edit: Thanks to @wim I now see TestMooCow can help here. I also found so it’s on the pile to make it a real command. I nudged it… thanks.

2- Not at this time no, SubD smooth/box mode control per view or object is filed as for future reference.

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Hi -

You can use the TestMooCow command for this - it is a test command, i.e. not documented and needs to be completely typed on the command line.
Back when I had two screens, I used this command on a daily basis.