ViewCaptureToFile not keeping proportions or center

I am trying to run view capture to file in Rhino 6

I lock the viewport ratio, but the export somehow trims my view…
I am only changing the scale to achieve a higher quality.



Really frustrating issue…
Model: test.3dm (1.4 MB)

Oh hello there! I wrote here about this issue more than month ago , still no solution.
The only workaround is to use viewport size in drop list and output big res by parts .

I have the same issue. Really frustrating. I hope it will be solved soon.

It happens when viewport is set to two-point perspective.

Hi @ShynnSup & @bigonethegod,

Thank you both for reporting this, and sorry for not picking this up sooner. I can reproduce the problem, and have pinpointed the code change which caused the regression. I made a YouTrack item:

The issue seems to only happen on Parallel views.


I can promise you it also happens in two-point perspective, quite often even but not every time, therefore it is not easy to reproduce.

RH-53656 is fixed in the latest Service Release

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Thanks Brian. This fixes the image placement issue. However, I am now getting a darker streak running across my captured view. I have repeated this in different files. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

Hello - this looks like a tiling problem, maybe? Are you capturing larger than viewport (pixels) images? What if you just capture the viewport sized image?


Same, this isn’t fixed yet.

This is a tiling problem that seems to be happening sometimes in Parallel/Two Point perspective views. I was able to reproduce the issue and created this:

Hi Pascal,

Yes, it seems to only happen when using custom viewport size without a locked aspect ratio.