Viewcapture (To File & Clipboard) Bug

Hi there,

Got an issue with the viewcapture commands in RH6 on some specific geometry. I only have this error on this geometry (though had a similar error in the past on a different computer, with a different file in RH5 but that was resolved by copy pasting the geometry into a new document). This error is the same if I copy paste the same geometry into a new document.

If I run a viewcapture command (file or clipboard, with or without - prefix) the dialogue box (in the case of without the prefix) displays correctly, and the output is correct if at scale 1, but if the scale is increased, or a custom scale, not the same as the screen res is used, it cuts off some of the model in the output (though the dialogue still displays correctly).

Having played about with this I’ve figured out what it’s doing (I think) and a workaround. What’s happening is that it’s centring the scaled capture on 0,0,0, not on the viewport centre, so I was able to workaround by moving all the geometry to be centred on the world origin.

This issue also persisted through a Rhino update.

As this is not an issue on any of my other files, I’m not too massively concerned, but leaving this here for anyone else who might get the same problem, and as an error report for anyone working with viewcapture at the McNeel end.

I can’t upload or show the file unfortunately, as it’s a client’s and covered by NDA, but the only change in it since it started doing this is the addition of 4 large .stl meshes (though a previous incarnation of these before I used other software to do some mesh booleans on them caused no issue in the same file).

Hardware wise I’m currently trying this on a Clevo N85 N87HJ type laptop (rebranded) with an i7 7700HQ and GeForce GTX 1050 for graphics acceleration (basic graphics handled by IntelHD 630). There is an external monitor connected via hdmi, but the error is the same whether or not this is connected or on.

Hope that helps any relevant people and if anyone has an idea why this might have happened and how to fix in the future that would be great!


Hi Rupert - thanks for investigating and posting a possible workaround for an issue with ViewCapture.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce that issue here, and unless we can, there won’t be a fix for this.

It sounds like the issue only appears when a specific meshes from one or more stl files are imported. Can you narrow it more down to one specific mesh? If so, can it be reproduced with just a part of that mesh?
I’m hoping that you can break down the model enough so that you can upload something to Files uploaded there won’t leave our hands.
Also, are there specific settings, other than scale, in the capture commands that need to be set in order to reproduce?

Hi again, Rupert - it looks like this issue was reproduced and is now logged to be fixed:


Hi Wim,

OK great thanks, saves me hacking up the mesh!

All the best!


Hi - as a test to make sure this is the same thing, could you check and see if all is fine if you use a regular perspective viewport and not an isometric, parallel or 2-point perspective one?

Hi Wim,

Checked and yes, perspective works fine.



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