-ViewCaptureToFile: extra text entry field

In showing -ViewCaptureToFile/-ViewCaptureToClipboard to my students, I noticed that there is a text box in the sidebar that doesn’t seem to belong there… In theory, it’s the command line, but in this case it doesn’t serve any purpose other than confusion… What can you type in there? If nothing valid, then it shouldn’t show up, IMO. I think this happens in some other commands as well, but I haven’t got a list in my head so far…

Edit: OK, never mind, it is the command line, I can type width=2000 in there if I want… Just seems strange compared to the Windows version…



i use the popup command line but it moreorless seems the same as the sidebar…

…and i use the Value field for entering all the stuff so i don’t have to mouse over each entry…
if i type 'H", i get this:

…then ‘W’, i can set the width… or set the checkboxes via D, R, A, or T… etc.

as in, i don’t have to leave the keyboard to get all the various parameters set up.
idk, i thought it was normal but then again, i haven’t tried the command on windows to see how it works there.

on a side note @Helvetosaur

does ViewCapture on windows export with anti-aliasing ?
it doesn’t on mac and i’m wondering if it should or could.

Yes, it appears to… (download the image and look at it 100%)

Haven’t checked on Mac, if it doesn’t AA, that’s too bad…


Yeah, that’s not surprising, but still fairly weird and in need of cleaning (MR-1091).

yep… looks like AA has been applied there.

Haven’t checked on Mac, if it doesn’t AA, that’s too bad…[/quote]
there’s a workaround so maybe not too big of a deal but for quick sendouts, it’s maybe a few too many steps.

(workaround = having a display mode with 3x edge/curve sizes then ViewCapture at 3x size… in an image editor, make the image 3x smaller and the lines will appear much smoother)

thanks for checking