ViewCapture -- UI sales pitch :)

here’s one for a rainy day…

seems like viewCaptureToFile on mac should abandon the command dialog and act more normal.

if the non-dashed version of the command is run, the sheet could drop down from the toolbar:

from this panel, i can select name/destination/type and choose OK and the result is an export at default settings (basically, the same thing that happens if you run the non-dashed command in rhino now)

instead of requiring the user to run the dashed version to get at more choices, we could just click the options button to get this:

(i did the mock up for sales pitch reasons… not because i don’t think you’d design it properly… :wink: pretty sure you’d do it better than i’ve shown here)

there are a couple of mehs in there but as i imagine it:
• click ‘use view size’ and the width/height show the dimensions of the current viewport
• untick ‘use view size’ and width/height is editable
• aspect ratio lock located at right of w/h settings (maybe borrow’s lock icon from Tools-> Adjust Size… it matches rhino better than this one i think)
• the drop downs which shows ‘pixels’ here can be changed to Inches or centimeters (or maybe another standard unit for depicting page size)
• if units are set to something other than pixels, the Resolution setting will un-grey and accept input
• if ‘Scale View Size’ is selected, other options grey and the pixel dimensions are shown in width/height multiplied by the scale factor (not too sure about this one?)
• the draw grid/axes options in -ViewCaptureToFile are good options… leave them in there somehow
• choice for applying openGL preference AA setting to the export (?)
• Transparent Background available when applicable (i.e.- it doesn’t make much sense in the mockup since it’s .jpg)
• jpg compression slider (or maybe better if called ‘Quality’ least-----best)
• not shown… ‘File Size’ (as seen in export dialog when doing .jpg)

it makes all options available from the single command and eliminates possible confusion due to requiring the dashed version to be run for separate options… that one should be reserved for macros (imo)

so yeah-- just an example of a little idea spinning out of control… i don’t think the mockup was required here but there you have it anyway :joy_cat:
thanks for listening.


There’s no reason why this functionality should be restricted to Mac… :smile: --Mitch


Couldn’t agree more. I wish adding it to the heap felt a little less anti-climatic and bureaucratic right now (MR-1114)

nah, I get it. it’s understandable.
hence the rainy day bit :wink:

[edit] hey @dan …sorry to be a pest but can you make that one visible to the public?

(i’m pretty sure i’d forget to do it too at times but it seems when the links are posted publicly, they should be visible to the public ; ) )

Why not just use Shift/Cmnd/3 or 4 on a mac? much simpler?

if you want an exact screenshot then sure, that’s simpler.