ViewCaptureToFile exported image corrupted but view in Rhino is ok - can I save it directly?

I have a very detailed interior model, and wanted to export a raytraced view of it to file. It was a thousand cycles so it took over a day. Rhino notified me the image was successfully saved. However this is how it came out:

Completely unusable sadly. However, the view in Rhino shows it correctly:

So, I’m hoping there is a way to capture this view to file directly now that it’s done – without it rendering again if I type the command.
What can be done?
Thanks a lot for your help.

In Rhino 7 you can use just the Render button with Rhino Render as the current renderer. That way you don’t have to have your viewport in Raytraced, nor use ViewportCaptureToFile. That takes out the framebuffer from the display pipeline out of the equation.

Does that work for you? Try with just a few samples, say 2 or 3, just to see it actually works.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I will have to start using this way to export renders from now on.
No idea why my original render from earlier glitched like that. But as it was displaying correctly in the Rhino view, I thought I could export what is displayed directly some way. Sadly, didn’t find a way to do so (other than screenshotting).
Will start rendering using the render menu.

I’ve seen this happen on student’s Macs as well. I think it has to do with the GPU model in the Mac along with the macOS version which controls the driver for it. Using Render instead is the way to go, you might also be able to get this render faster if you try the Intel Denoiser from the PackageManager command. I bet you could get a comparable image in 150 samples using the Denoiser as well.


Wow thanks a lot for both the insight into the problem as well as further steps mentioned. I will definitely try using those tools!