Raytraced View -> Viewcapturetofile Not working properly

Hi folks,

I’ve been using the Cycles / Raytraced (Rhino 6) view to render out perfect images by using the command viewcapturetofile sucessfully since early this year.
I have a 2020 MBP with 5500M card.

However, from one day to another, the viewcapturetofile renders out images that are blank or only shows the background. The raytraced view works perfectly though. I’ve tested to switch passes, CPU rendering etc but nothing seems to work, very frustrating.

Does anyone experience the same issue? Have you been able to solve it?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Adrian - is there a 'transparent background setting that changed? Sounds like it’s not working right anyway but just wondering if you set or unset that.


Hi Pascal,

Hav’nt played with transparent background at all.

However(!!!) after trying to solve the issue for like 4 hours without progress, after getting home from work i opened the computer again and now it seems to work flawlessly again! Any hints on what that can be caused by?