-ViewCaptureToFile automatic file naming convention date format

Is there a way to change (or can you please change it) the format of the naming convention of ViewCaptureToFile?
At the moment, the convention is “ViewCapture_date_time”. I wouldn’t mind to be able to customize it further with a given prefix to replace ViewCapture and an incremental index to replace date and time.

But I can live with “ViewCapture_date_time”. What is puzzling in that the time comes in the AM/PM format which messes up the whole alphabetical order of the files. Not only 1:00 PM appears before 4:00 AM, but also 12:30 PM appears after 01:30 PM.

Is there a setting for this, can we get incremental idex?
Thanks, N

PS I know I can order them by date :wink: but that’s not the point…

You can use the dashed version of the command to specify the filename manually following the formatting you want including all the data you see fit.

I forget to mention on the post (it is in the title) the automatic side of the naming. I do know you can give individual names. But especially when one s testing stuff the automatic naming is great. (as it is the incremental save of Rhino, a great unsung feature).

If the incremental is not possible, the format of the time should be that of the system (which in my case is the 24H).

Thanks, N

Got that, thanks.
RH-60533 ViewCapture file auto-name time format
RH-60534 Custom naming


:+1: thanks

Hi Pascal,
This is now working - thanks. Time stamp is corrected and the prefix idea is great.
But only works on Rhino7, is it possible to have it on an update of R6 (at least the date)? or is R6 not getting any more updates?

There is a snag on it though.
When you click browse it goes to the last folder where you actively saved a view. However, when you do not click browse and save it directly, it saves (I think) on the .3dm file location. This is confusing, I think.
Ideally, you would chose the location the first time you capture and then they would all go there.

Hello -thanks, I’ll see if we can change that.

RH-60925 -ViewCaptureToFile - Default location tune-up