View capture to file incremental save

So this command will by default create a filename based on the date and time, and increment every new capture.

While this is better than nothing, its is a pretty geek way of implementing the feature, resulting in long unwieldy file names that all need to be renamed into something more usable (“tools for designers”…)

I’d prefer to see something based on your existing “incremental save” command, which simply increments whatever filename by 001.

That is, the first capture asks for the filename, which is whatever I need to make sense for whatever I’m doing, and the rest just increment, until I choose to alter the name at the save dialog that always comes up, and the thing just carries on…

So for example:


Table 001

Table 002

Table top material

Table top material 001

Table steel leg

Table steel leg 001

Table laminated wood leg pre-production

Table laminated wood leg pre-production 001

Table laminated wood leg pre-production 002


I much prefer the weird way of naming them with date & time. It’s more useful for me, and always keeps them in order. Just my opinion…