How to Export Current "Shaded" Viewport to High-Res Image file?


I am relatively new to Rhino 3D for OSX, making good progress trying to get workable images from STP files, but still have some gaps in my understanding so apologies if these are silly questions:

How do I:

-Export the current view port, which is nicely shaded in “shaded view” into a higher resolution file for print?

or if I’m going about it the wrong way:

-How do I render it e.g. larger dimension, custom dpi etc. so that it looks exactly as it does in my current “shaded” viewport?

Thank you for any information.


With -ViewCaptureToFile (using the dash), you can specify a custom resolution (higher than screen resolution if you want).

HTH, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

Thanks very much for that, unfortunately typing “-ViewCaptureToFile” -> save to … -> OK I get the message: “the dashed version of this command is not implemented”

When I type in the command “ViewCaptureToFile” without the (-) I can save a file to desktop but it is just blank.

Any thoughts appreciated. At this point I’m thinking about simply zooming in as much as I can, then using:

view->capture->to clipboard-> photoshop-> paste image. I’ll then have to cut and line several pieces up.

Could this be a limitation of the beta or it being a free version?

Would of course be more than happy to pay for it if it was for sale!

Thanks for your help.

Ah, sorry, missed the title “Rhino for Mac”… :frowning: What I said works on Windows.

Not sure what can be done here, probably the Mac view capture system is different enough that this was not able to be transferred directly from Windows easily.

Edit : tried to circumvent this by writing a Python/RhinoCommon function to save the current viewport as a bigger bitmap - basically emulating the ViewCaptureToFile command - it works in Windows, but it errors out when it hits the Mac display pipeline somewhere, so I guess this is the problem. Sorry…


No worries and thanks for taking the time to help.

Have taken note of the -ViewCaptureToFile command, guessing it will come into use at some point.


The dashed version of -ViewCaptureToFIle and -ViewCaptureToClipboard should be available in the next WIP release.


Domo arigato :smile:

…gozaimashita :smile: