View-Specific Element Visibility

I am assuming that there is no way to have particular elements invisible in only a particular Section or Plan View (except exploding it.)


You can do this with specific layers but as far as I know not individual objects.
First, you need to make sure your drawings are set to manual update. Then use the layer state manager to turn on the layers you want to see, set the line types and colors, etc. and save the layer state. I have many layer states saved for all different types of drawings (for instance, so window tags that show in plan do not end up floating as lines in my elevations). Now update the drawing, it should retain the layers that were active when you updated even after you turn back on all the other layers.

A wish list item would be for the plan or section styles to have visible layer states as part of the style in order to eliminate this extra step. It would be akin to the visibility graphics settings in revit.

I hope this helps.

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Yes, so it’s restricted to being Detail(Viewport)-specific visibility, but not View (As in Plan- or Section-)specific visibility. That’s what I thought.


@djhg Take into account that 2D lines in VisualARQ sections and plan views have the attributes of the 3D objects they represent. That means that hidding layers by Detail viewport will also hide the 2D lines of those plan/section views corresponding to objects located in those layers.