Hide/Isolate elements in specific view

Hello all,

By using RiR is there a way to control elements’ instance visibility for specific views?

For example, isolate/hide wall A and wall B and isolate/hide other stuff.


Ctu6, Visibility is quite complex in Revit and depends a lot on your workflow.

not an exhaustive list. Top Reasons You Can't See an Element in Revit - Microsol Resources

A nice way that might work for you is creating view filters and applying a parameter filter to your Elements.

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@Japhy Thanks again,

I’ll try it out and think about the workflow when back to work tomorrow. I’m thinking about putting 3d views (scope box + visible filter) of each room in the finishing material takeoff report…

Like say I need one 3d view for each room, the elements belong to the room have the same tag, so

  1. Create 3d views with same # of rooms.
  2. Create a bounding box contain those elements with same tag.
  3. Use the bounding box as scope box and apply to view.
  4. Hide the rest elements.
  5. Image export of all views
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