Layer Visibility as aspect of Plan Style

Wish List Item:
It would be nice to be able to set layer visibility overrides from within a plan style. My current approach involves changing all the layer setting to what I want visible for each plan before hitting update. This works, but is a bit tedious in that whenever I need to update the plans I have to reset all the layer overrides. Useful for hiding millwork, furniture, or slabs which I do not want covering other geometry below or creating framing plans where only the structure layers of the walls lines are visible yet they are dashed.

It would be great to have this override as a part of the plan style. Thanks!

Hi @arcus, are you using VisualARQ 2.0 Beta? If this is the case, what if you use the option to show in Layout Details the model in plan view rather than 2D plan views created with the vaPlanView command? That way you can show and hide layers by Detail, where you will see the model up to date all the time…

@fsalla thanks for the response.

I’m not using 2.0 just yet while I wrap up a couple 1.9 projects. Its my understanding that the 2.0 plans are cut directly and continuously from the model so it sounds like that approach should work. I’ll give it a try after the update. I’d ultimately like to be able to automate that into the style so all the layers are set up and I just have to switch between styles. Example: from demo plan to floor plan to finish plan.

@arcus, the public VA 2 Beta willI out soon, so you will be able to test it out. In any case I take note of your suggestion to assign a specific Layer State to a Plan View or Section View style.

Great! I’ve got the full license I just haven’t updated to 2.0 just yet though I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the response!

If you have a license you can already download VA 2 Beta in the website:

I guess to follow up on this topic. The 1.9 method I ended up using actually worked quite well. I saved the various layer settings for each plan style as a ‘layer state’ and restored the layer state prior to updating the plan/section view. I then restored the layer state back to an ‘all on’ configuration to add notes, dimensions, etc. and keep working.


Hi @arcus,

This seems a clever idea!