View problem when I move with an object

Rhino MB)

Do you have any experiences with this problem (see the video record)? Is the problem of Rhino itself or grafic card? How can I fix it. Thank you for your help.

Hi Tom,

First thing to check, is if your video card drivers are up-to-date, if not update the drivers. Also just to make sure check if Rhino is up-to-date: Go to Help -> Check for Updates… clock the text check now to find if you have the latest version.

What videocard do you have on what Windows version?
The videocard info can be found here:

Does the problem of only partial updating viewports happen always or in special cases?


Hi tommus - can you please check Help > About Rhinoceros and tell me what version (Service release) of Rhino this is?



Hi there,

thank you for your help. There are a few screenshots of the information you have requested. Version of OS is Windows 7 64-bit. Any suggestion are more then welcome! Thank you.

Hi Tom,

First thing to do is to Update Rhino.
Go to Help -> Check for Updates… you should be able to update from there.

Let us know if that works


@margaret there appears to be no Help Index entry update. So searching the index for update gave no results. (hope your system is back up and running)

Just so you know, updated Help is not delivered with updates of Rhino. You only get new help with a new installation. So even when I fix this, you will not see it.

Ouch… Is there a way to manually download and install/overwrite it?
Not crucial for me as a seasoned user, but I think for instructors, resellers and the like it would be important to have a up-to-date help file. Just as for novice or occasional users.
If it is technically possible to update the Help file, would a opt-in checkbox to update/overwrite the help as well be a good idea?


How about it @brian? Can we make the help available for download?

Yes, Rhino 5.6 will include downloadable language packs that users will be able to install.