View Previous Results in Kiwi3D

A very happy new year.

I would like to ask if it is possible to view previous results? Lets say, I have different load cases- self weight, wind load, snow load, dead load of plants over a portal and also different combinations of all, and I run each of them once, and re-save and re-name their text documents, is it possible to use that text using ‘Modify Model’ component to view the results again without having to do the complete cycle of calculation again ? Or is there any other way ?
because when I do the same thing, the ‘deformed model’ component gives this warning <<1. Model is not solved or Model-Input has changed, but Analysis has not been updated!>> or <<1. No Results for Model provided. Please run Simulation first!>>.
Any feedback would be really appreciated, thank you
and excuse me please if this has already been discussed, I tried to look for a solution; but in vain.

if you have a linear analysis, you can run all load cases in one analysis. You can assign load case ids to the load components. All existing load case ids are sorted in a list and the respective results can be retrieved via the corresponding index of the list (starting with 0).
Loading old results into Kiwi is a bit tricky. You can set up a dummy analysis with the respective name. IGA solver will read your old result. You will get the first warning but can ignore this. Otherwise you could have several different analysis in one GH file, which may be slow depending on your model complexity. Or try if data input/output of GH is an option for you. Then, you’ll still have a separate analysis models for each combination but can store them in separate files.

Hello, Thankyou very much for your quick response.

and i am sorry, I should have mentioned that it’s a Non Linear analysis, which means I am playing with time steps and global factors as well.
I will try the approach that you suggested, but I am not sure if it applies to NLA as well.
Thank you again
and wishing a very happy new year

the load cases work unfortunately only for linear analysis. The rest is independent of the analysis type.


Thank you very much once again